Limiting the size of /opt/local/var/db/dports/software

Mark Hattam mark at
Thu Feb 1 14:34:08 PST 2007

So to upgrade outdated items, is the command ... ?

sudo port -u -f upgrade outdated



At 16:49 -0500 1/2/07, Kevin Ballard wrote:
>sudo port -f uninstall inactive
>To prevent having inactive versions of ports in the future, pass the 
>-u switch when upgrading. This will force it to uninstall the old 
>version before activating the new (remember to pass -f as well, or 
>it may fail at the uninstalling of the old version due to 
>dependencies; I believe you need -n as well at this point, or the -f 
>will make it try and upgrade all dependencies whether or not they 
>need it)
>On Feb 1, 2007, at 4:33 PM, Jason Stelzer wrote:
>>It seems needlessly large. I've tried:
>>port clean --all installed
>>but that doesn't seem to do what I thought it did. I don't think 
>>there's any need for 3 built versions of Imagemagick for instance.
>>Granted, its not the biggest offender in the world, but it seems 
>>like a needless waste of space.
>Kevin Ballard

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