GNOME on MacPorts Weekly Report

Michael K. Edwards m.k.edwards at
Mon Feb 5 23:35:47 PST 2007

On 2/4/07, Randall Wood <rhwood at> wrote:
> Reports indicate that GNOME finally builds successfully on Intel
> machines. Go by Landon a beer for having made that work.

Builds successfully, yes.  Doesn't seem to work very well yet, though.
 Has anyone else seen their terminal hang a few seconds after "eval
`dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session`"?  The really
interesting part is that dbus-launch doesn't seem to have exited --
it's still running, and still has its controlling pty.  dbus-daemon is
also running, and does seem to have shed its controlling pty, but does
not seem to have forked (its pid is 1 greater than dbus-launch's).
Good thing I still had a WidgetTerm open after adding the dbus-launch
incantation to my .profile.

Any insight?  (The same thing happens whether or not dbus-daemon
--system is actually running.)

- Michael

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