GNOME on MacPorts Weekly Report

Randall Wood rhwood at
Sun Feb 4 11:24:31 PST 2007


GNOME released version 2.16.3 this week. We'll be catching up over  
the week. Progress will be tracked at 

Reports indicate that GNOME finally builds successfully on Intel  
machines. Go by Landon a beer for having made that work.

Port liboil and port control-center do not seem to exactly get along  
on powerpc machines. I hope to be able to fix this relatively rapidly.

I hope also to be able to add port java-gnome at the 4.0.x version  
sometime soon as well. Two patches have already been submitted back  
to the project. Unless there is some great demand, I'm going to  
ignore java-gnome at earlier versions.

I know that over the past quarter I have been slack about sending  
this report (or even doing anything with MacPorts), but I do believe  
that I will be able keep up the project and port maintenance most  
weeks from this point forward.

Randall Wood
rhwood at

"The rules are simple: The ball is round. The game lasts 90 minutes.  
All the
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