recommended "dependencies?"

Mike Roberts zoarre.37258548 at
Fri Feb 9 05:30:13 PST 2007

In article <B7E1222A-F448-48BD-B1F6-6CFC5EE9C618 at>,
 "Daniel J. Luke" <dluke at> wrote:

> do they need to be there at build time, or will lyx just use them if  
> they appear in the future?

they're run-time dependencies. certain menu items either do nothing or 
give an error message if a dependent port isn't available.

> In the first case, you could add a variant that adds dependencies on  
> the other ports. In the second case, you could use a 'ui_message' to  
> let users know that additional functionality is available if they  
> install the other ports themselves.
> I'm sure others will have other ideas too. The 'best' solution  
> probably depends on the specific of the lyx port and the other ports  
> it can make use of.

i had forgotten about printing to the screen. if possible, i'd like to 
use an "automatic" solution but what you've suggested would certainly be 



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