Confused about the PHP5 Installation Process

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Sat Feb 10 21:07:31 PST 2007

"Conrad Taylor" <conradwt at> on Saturday, February 10, 2007 at
4:30 AM -0800 wrote:
>Hi, thanks for the information.  Is there a way to automate this
>within MacPorts because I'm guessing that I will have to perform these
>steps the next time I perform an update of this port?

I'm not sure that there is a foolproof way to do it, that's why I prefer
ui_msg's.  The php5 port could stick those lines in Apache's httpd.conf,
but if Apache is installed as a dependency the httpd.conf hasn't yet been
renamed from httpd.conf.sample.  It could be coded to test for the
presence of the file but I think it might shield users from the type of
thing they are going to need to be familiar with anyway if they start
using Apache.  But that's just my $0.02.  I really don't understand why
the no longer accrate ui_msg's have not been changed.


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