Interactive applications to be installed to /Applications/MacPorts?

Christian Voelker C.Voelker at
Wed Feb 14 02:21:02 PST 2007


Essentially you are right, but ...

Am 13.02.2007 um 23:08 schrieb Ryan Schmidt:

> Perhaps it has been done and you just haven't upgraded
> that software since then?

As I wrote, I have installed macports initially
one month ago and have done several syncs and a
selfupdate since then. Furthermore, I found the
Portfile for the port in question, python24 not
to be altered since spring last year as stated
in the first lines. Also, python24 was not lis-
ted when running "port list outdated". As such,
I felt on the safe side to post to the list with-
out forcing an upgrade first.

After your advice, I took time to upgrade, which
did not take effect until I forced it - it was
not outdated. During build, I found the directory
/Applications/DarwinPorts already removed and the
associated helper Apps were placed into /Applica-
tions/MacPorts afterwords as intended.

The "but" in my top statement refers to the fact,
that the files *were* installed in /Applications/
DarwinPorts initially only one month ago. Natural-
ly, I dont know the exact order of installation
any more, but I guess that I installed python24
as a dependency right after unpacking an instal-
ling the macports .tar.bz2 file.

I dont know, whether this file already contains
an outdated ports tree to start with or whatever,
but I guess that there is still a reference inside
that causes the /Applications/DarwinPorts to be
used. I dont know any other reason why it should
have happened. As such, I suggest to update these
files. The file that I used was: 

The only occurrence of the searchstring "/Applica-
tions" I found therein was at line 174 of 

This file *currently* contains the proper value 

The change in question was at 02/10/07 08:01:38,
Revision 21852 and the comment was: /Applications/
DarwinPorts to /Applications/MacPorts everywhere 

The revision 19070, included with 1.3.2 was from
08/09/06 20:14:15 represents a previous state and
carries the following commit message:  This commit
was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'release_1_3_2'.

I hope, this helps.

Bye, Christian

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