Cyrus Imap & Cyrus SASL

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Thu Feb 15 12:06:23 PST 2007

	Hello everyone! Of the small list of ports I maintain, I consider the 
Cyrus imap mail server related ones to be the most important 
(cyrus-imapd & cyrus-sasl2). However, I currently don't have the time 
nor appropriate hardware to dedicate to full maintainership of such a 
complex port (I'm mostly referring to cyrus-imapd here), which is why I 
added "openmaintainer" as one of the caretakers. Instead of letting it 
die a slow and abandoned death, I would like to ask publicly for help 
in bringing it up to date.

	I would like to encourage anyone caring about cyrus and savvy enough 
on the subject to step up and write a patch against the existing 
Portfile, taking care of as many aspects of its build & installation 
process as possible: first and foremost, building on Intel hardware; 
version upgrade, of course; variants; startup item re-factoring if 
needed; system user creation (needs adapting to Tiger, I believe); 
others... (the post-destroot stage I originally wrote is rather 
complex, so I'd recommend going over it before venturing to tackle 
cyrus-imapd's installation).

	As the final note in the very Portfile says: "Port is itself bare 
bones, suport for many other things could be added (maybe as variants), 
so suggest away!". So if you're feeling adventurous enough to enhance 
the port even further, please by all means by my guest!

	Anyone volunteering please take a look at and post your 
proposed patches against the Portfile as attachments to that ticket 
(better than sending them to me personally, I might loose track of 
them). I haven't found any other valid & open tickets for cyrus-imapd 
so I'd like to concentrate all discussion there. I'll review them ASAP 
and will commit the most complete & integral one after discussion & 
consensus with participating parties is reached.

	All this commentary also applies to cyrus-sasl2, of course, but that 
should be a much simpler port. Please concentrate all discussion for 
that port on ticket

	Thanks in advance for your time and help! Much regards,....


PS: If you, reader, are one of those who has already sent me patches 
and/or suggestions for cyrus-imapd, please excuse me for not having 
acted on them in due time, I've been most busy on one hand and haven't 
used cyrus in a while. May I ask you to please step up again and submit 
your work to the referenced tickets? Thanks!

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