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Tue Feb 20 13:55:08 PST 2007

> > I think this issue has been broached before, but as it is still  
> > ongoing, I'd like to raise it up again.  I'd like to install  
> > MacPorts on a different drive other than my boot-up drive.  The  
> > current version of DarwinPorts-1.3.1 lets me select the disk to  
> > install on, but does not run properly after installation.
> If you build/install from source, you should be able to get a 
> working  macports install wherever you want it.
> > Can this be fixed in the next release?  Actually, I was hoping 
> > that  MacPorts would be even more location-independent.  I would 
> > like to  install MacPorts on a network drive under Mac OSX Server 
> > which  shares its available ports and libraries with client OSX 
> > machines  on the network. I'm not sure how much effort or 
> > re-organization of  the files involved, but is this a feature 
> > that others would find  worthwhile as well?
> Our installer should probably limit installation to the boot drive 
> so  that things 'just work' (while alternative install locations 
> are  supported/available with the source install).

In that case, perhaps a detailed section in the MacPorts installation
guide can be added to describe the steps required to get MacPorts
working, for different drive and network set-ups.

It would make MacPorts available for a wider range of configurations.


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