Universal Binaries

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Feb 22 14:23:38 PST 2007

On Feb 22, 2007, at 02:35, Nathan Brazil wrote:

> Hi.  Is it possible to produce universal binaries from MacPorts?   
> For example, are the GTK+ binaries produced from MacPorts specific  
> to the architecture of the machine it is produced on (PPC vs  
> Intel), or is there a way to produce binaries that will work  
> natively on both?

MacPorts produces platform-native binaries. There is no way to  
produce universal binaries. For many projects, it is a simple matter  
to produce universal binaries. However, some projects need to be  
handled specially, so MacPorts cannot provide a guaranteed way of  
automatically building universal binaries of all software. A very few  
ports provide a +universal variant.

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