Submitting a new port

Gabriel O'Brien obrieng at
Sat Feb 24 18:32:24 PST 2007

Hey folks,

I've been digging through the documentation on the Macports site and the 
old DarwinPorts site and it's not entirely clear what the proper method 
for submitting a new port is these days.  The docs refer to a specific 
method of submitting a Bugzilla ticket, but the Trac system doesn't have 
any of the relevant fields available.  Should I just submit a general 
ticket via Trac or is there some new magical incantation?

For the record I created portfiles for makepasswd and the CPAN module it 
depends on.


Gabriel O'Brien
IT Analyst, CBC Technology
w: 416-205-8740 m: 416-576-0088

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