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Altoine Barker ndiscreet at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 13:25:31 PST 2007

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LoL You have quite a sense of humor, Jordan. If it isn't too
considerable, I am open to trying it out. I just would like it as an
option for now just in case a macport using the universal setup works
for the Intel Mac and not the PPC Mac. Something to fall back on is
always a good thing. I will reorganize my setup and see if I can
accommodate a "test" environment utilizing the universal concept. I will
start with ports I do not use regularly and work from there. I am now
inspired to make this work. While I reorganize my environment, I will be
doing some intense reading of relevant reading materials.

- -Altoine

Jordan K. Hubbard wrote:
> On Feb 23, 2007, at 5:21 PM, Altoine Barker wrote:
>> Jordan, I did not intend for it to be viewed as a optional frill, but
>> more an option in the sense that the "no-option choice is for the single
>> user" and the "optional" choice is for people with either both
>> architectures or developers of products for both architectures. Maybe
>> the /opt/local/universal is a stretch [ .... ]
> Well, the beauty(?) of Universal binaries is that there doesn't need to
> be any special place for them to go - you just install them where you
> always installed them and everything Just Works™.   If it's not
> transparent to the user, there's really not much point.
> Your other concerns seem to largely revolve around disk space and having
> enough room for your wedding videos.  I guess I'm curious to know how
> much extra space you're thinking these universal binaries will take? 
> Don't forget, you're not replicating all the Resource directories or the
> Data and symbol table sections of all these Mach-O binaries, simply the
> text sections.
> I also don't expect any of what I'm suggesting to affect the storage of
> your external drive, where your wedding videos are, unless you're going
> out of your way to put /opt/local on that firewire/USB drive as well, in
> which case I still suspect that the relative size increase would be
> dwarfed by even the smallest, shortest wedding video in history ("You
> want him?  ``Yes.''  You want her?  ``Yowza!''.  Good, done, we're outta
> here - these tuxes were rented by the hour, people, so let's MOVE! 
>  Reception is at the Taco Bell drive-through after everyone gets
> changed!"  <video ends>) 
> - Jordan
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