Missing CHOLMOD in octave 2.9.9

Andre Stechert andre at splunk.com
Tue Feb 27 10:48:30 PST 2007

Sorry, didn't realize you had work in progress :-(.

The pcre, curl, and glpk dependencies went in last night as of  
revision 22369.
I'm bummed to report that I also cannot find a single curl reference  
in the
octave tarball.  Looking around, I suspect this page was in play:


It's easy enough to remove the curl reference.

I also made the patches necessary to fix glpk, as per the discussion  
Andrew Makhorin here:


Which leaves the following reports:

1) some folks are running into a problem with one of the libs not  
being ranlib'd.
    the folks that i talked to were running on panther.  no fix for  
this yet, plus
    haven't reproduced it.

2) some folks seem to have a version of the fnmatch header around  
that's not smart
    enough to put extern "C" around the fnmatch declaration (or the  
dependent sw
    is declaring it itself).  also haven't reproduced this.

3) octave/defaults.h contains wrong paths after installation  
(blocking octave-forge
    port) http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/macports/ticket/11181.   
Do you have a
    fix for this, given your work on octave-forge?

4) destroot.destdir keyword unnecessary

Bugs that should now be marked resolved/closed (I don't seem to be  
able to do this
myself, so can someone else please do it for me :-D):

(SuiteSparse cholmod_io64.h)


On Feb 27, 2007, at 9:08 AM, David MacMahon wrote:

> On Feb 26, 2007, at 23:57 , Andre Stechert wrote:
>> I'll go ahead and start on adding the additional package  
>> dependencies, starting with
>> pcre and curl.  If glpk is workable, I'll add that too, else I'll  
>> leave it out.
> Actually, I'm just about finished with a set of patches for the  
> octave port that fix a bunch of problems, including the pcre and  
> glpk dependencies as well as making glpk usable.  I'm also pretty  
> close to an octave-forge port, too!
> I couldn't find where/how the octave build or runtime depend on  
> curl?  Can anyone point me to where it is so I can convince myself  
> it really is needed?
> Thanks and stay tuned,
> Dave
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