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> I'm bummed to report that I also cannot find a single curl  
> reference in the
> octave tarball.  Looking around, I suspect this page was in play:
> It's easy enough to remove the curl reference.
There was also some discussion on by the octave developers about  
cURL, but it looks like it is not quite yet in 2.9.9.  In the latest  
development CVS archive:
you will find:
which uses cURL.  It looks like it was added to the current  
development sources in Oct 2006.  However, these sources are  
considered buggy and not for typical use (read:

for more information).  Between the wiki page mentioned and the  
discussion I ran across on the maintainers site, I thought that the  
functionality was already in octave.  Looks like it will be in a  
future development release.
   - M.

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