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> Hi,
> Thanks for this advice, all of which was, indeed, relevant.  I am in
> the process of phasing out of fink and into MacPorts and there have
> been some glitches because of the same software living in two places.
> I think I have most things working and am only fighting now with an
> application we developed locally that depends on some gtk libraries I
> have from MacPorts (and had from fink).
> But emacs is at least working!
> Cheers,
> Rob

If you used the standard fink install location (/sw I think it is),  
you might try renaming the entire directory - then it at least won't  
be in your path and any links into it would show errors (you can  
always rename it back later).  You might want to put /opt/local/bin  
first in your path (or at least after /bin and /sbin).  Also,  
according to a post about darwinports and fink living together, the  
former will (or used to - post dates to 2003) sometimes put X-related  
applications in the X11 tree and not its own, which can (or used to)  
confuse fink (but I think this means that the fink installer might  
get confused, not necessarily the apps).

Finally, if you are having problems with gtk, you may be able to get  
help from:
as well (and there is a nice report on porting the project to run on  
OS X natively [there is a quartz variant of gtk+, which I'm guessing  
is the one you probably ported.])

  - M.

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