Andre-John Mas ajmas at
Sat Jun 2 10:35:01 PDT 2007

On 2-Jun-07, at 13:11 , Jyrki Wahlstedt wrote:

> On 2.6.2007, at 16.32, Andre-John Mas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just been given some fortran source, which I need to compile,
>> so I was curious to know whether a fortran compiler existed as part
>> of MacPorts? There doesn't seem to be a Fortran compiler as part of
>> the basic gcc installers that comes with XCode, at least there  
>> doesn't
>> seem to be an f77 command.
>> Andre
> Hi,
> there seem to be two, g95 and a Fortran95 front-end in gcc4*  
> packages. Depends, what Fortran dialect you have, but worth a try,  
> anyway…

I am not familiar with Fortran. I got program whose source is in  
so I just needed to find a way to compile it. The Makefile makes
reference to f77.

I will give gcc42 a go and see if that helps.

BTW Will gcc42 break my ability to create universal binaries, or effect
XCode in any way?


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