Port selfupate crypto lib problem

Chris Pickel sfiera at macports.org
Sun Jun 3 19:50:43 PDT 2007

On 03 Jun, 2007, at 22:12, Thomas Crawley wrote:
> so I have /usr/include/openssl/ripemd.h also but it is not being  
> picked up by configure etc

As far as I can tell, you should be using libcrypto if you can  
include openssl/md5.h (which appears to be the case for you), if  
libcrypto contains MD5_UPDATE, and if libmd was not found first.

If you `port -d selfupdate`, you should see some mention of libmd and  
libcrypto. For example, I see:

     checking for MD5Update in -lmd... no
     checking for MD5_Update in -lcrypto... yes

So perhaps you have libmd on your system? (version 0.3 of libmd  
should provide the headers you're missing). If this is your problem,  
you could work around it by moving libmd aside temporarily while you  
selfupdate. That would force libcrypto to be used.


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