Port selfupate crypto lib problem

Chris Pickel sfiera at macports.org
Sun Jun 3 21:25:39 PDT 2007

On 04 Jun, 2007, at 00:17, Thomas Crawley wrote:
> Chris, Thanks for all your help

No problem.

> What is libmd and do the  openssl libraries provide equivalent  
> functionality ?

Well, I don't have libmd and can't install it via MacPorts because  
parts conflict with openssl. But from what it's trying to install, it  
looks like it implements md5, sha, and rmd160 (and nothing else),  
which are the three checksums that MacPorts uses. Openssl has a lot  

I'm assuming the reason MacPorts prefers libmd to libcrypto is  
because libmd targets specifically what we want. But, MacPorts now  
targets only Apple, and Apple doesn't provide it.

Any base hackers have a reason we should still try to build with it?  
It seems the current situation can cause problems for people.

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