Port selfupate crypto lib problem

Thomas Crawley thomas.crawley at verizon.net
Sun Jun 3 21:17:47 PDT 2007


Chris, Thanks for all your help

The filename is /usr/lib/libmd.a.

sudo mv libmd.a no-libmd.tmp

and sudo port -v selfupdate works fine.

What is libmd and do the  openssl libraries provide equivalent  
functionality ?



On Jun 3, 2007, at 11:38 PM, Chris Pickel wrote:

> On 03 Jun, 2007, at 23:06, Thomas Crawley wrote:
>> checking for MD5Update in -lmd... yes
>> checking md5.h usability... yes
>> checking md5.h presence... yes
>> checking for md5.h... yes
> Alright, so it looks like you're compiling with libmd and missing  
> some stuff you need from libcrypto.
>> How do I check for libmd ?
>> How do I prevent libmd from being used ?
> Well, configure checked for libmd and found it. As for how to  
> prevent it, you first need to find where it is--probably /usr/local/ 
> lib; maybe /usr/lib--and rename it temporarily while you compile,  
> i.e. go to the directory and
>     sudo mv libmd.dylib no-libmd.dylib
> ...followed by the same command in reverse once you've updated.
> Chris

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