Andre-John Mas ajmas at
Thu Jun 7 09:56:04 PDT 2007

On 6-Jun-07, at 05:11 , David Rowe wrote:

> Andre-John Mas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have just been given some fortran source, which I need to compile,
>> so I was curious to know whether a fortran compiler existed as part
>> of MacPorts? There doesn't seem to be a Fortran compiler as part of
>> the basic gcc installers that comes with XCode, at least there  
>> doesn't
>> seem to be an f77 command.
> If you want to use the gcc4.3  or g77 fortran compiler in a  
> packaged form (i.e. not using MacPorts) then you can download it from:
> There are a lot of other goodies there so it is worth visiting this  
> site

This is what I ended up doing, since the MacPorts flavours just  
weren't working for
me. I installed g77 and then made a symbolic link f77 -> g77. I now have
the source of the project compiling, but the linking seems to be  

Any help would be appreciated, since I am a total newbie when it comes
to Fortran and compiling Fortran applications. I am actually trying to
help out a friend who needs this tool. The application is 'Curves':

Below are the results of the build:

$ make
f77  -static -c  aacur.f
f77  -static -c  analy.f
f77  -static -c  aver.f
f77  -static -c  axeint.f
f77  -static -c  bacint.f
f77  -static -c  backbo.f
f77  -static -c  bonder.f
f77  -static -c  calc.f
f77  -static -c  cubspl.f
f77  -static -c  deriv.f
f77  -static -c  diff.f
f77  -static -c  eigen.f
f77  -static -c  grads.f
f77  -static -c  gradt.f
f77  -static -c  grgrap.f
f77  -static -c  groove.f
f77  -static -c  input.f
f77  -static -c  locate.f
f77  -static -c  locpar.f
f77  -static -c  lsfit.f
f77  -static -c  mc11a.f
f77  -static -c  minfor.f
f77  -static -c  move.f
f77  -static -c  nml.f
f77  -static -c  outaxe.f
f77  -static -c  params.f
f77  -static -c  pdbout.f
f77  -static -c  plate.f
f77  -static -c  setd.f
f77  -static -c  setend.f
f77  -static -c  setup.f
f77  -static -c  title.f
f77  -static -c  torp.f
f77  -static -c  up.f
f77  aacur.o analy.o aver.o axeint.o bacint.o backbo.o bonder.o  
calc.o cubspl.o deriv.o diff.o eigen.o grads.o gradt.o grgrap.o  
groove.o input.o locate.o locpar.o lsfit.o mc11a.o minfor.o move.o  
nml.o outaxe.o params.o pdbout.o plate.o setd.o setend.o setup.o  
title.o torp.o up.o  -o Cur5_s
/usr/bin/ld: aacur.o has external relocation entries in non-writable  
section (__TEXT,__text) for symbols:
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [Cur5_s] Error 1

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