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Hi Andre-John,

On 07.06.2007, at 18:56, Andre-John Mas wrote:

> since the MacPorts flavours just weren't working for me.

Since this is a MacPorts list, I will try to help you with that...

What did you try in order to get a MacPorts installed fortran compiler?

Did you successfully install MacPorts using its automatic installer?

Could you update it? You do that by running
   sudo port selfupdate
on the command-line.

Then you can install the current GCC release, which includes  
gfortran, by running
   sudo port install gcc42
Does that work? If not, what is the output of the following command?
   sudo port -vd install gcc42

If all this helps, you ought to be able to set the Fortran compiler  
and the linker in the Makefile to
This is actually /opt/local/bin/gfortran-mp-4.2

Hope this helps.
If you continue to have problems with MacPorts, please feel free to  
ask on this mailing list.

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