Error building plplot

Thu Jun 7 18:18:48 PDT 2007

I get the following error when port builds plplot

Error: Target returned: Image error: /Library/Frameworks/AquaTerm.framework/AquaTerm already exists and does 
not belong to a registered port. Unable to activate port aquaterm.

This has happened on both an Intel iMac at work and on my G5 PowerPC at home. The Intel machine did not have Aquaterm already 
installed, the G5 did. In both cases I simply restarted the port install process. I'm still waiting for the build process to 
finish on my G5 but I assume that I will end with the same result as on the Intel machine. The plplot install/build process 
completes and everything works. I assume that the Aquaterm framework that the process is complaining about must have been 
installed by XCode or something else on the Intel machine. Unlike my G5, it's new and I have not added a whole lot to it yet. I 
have not had a chance to check a clean machine to verify this assumption though.

The error terminates the install process. It would be nice if this got fixed. However, for anyone trying to build this fantastic 
scientific plotting library, don't despair, just hit the up arrow and return and all will be well.

I'll post a follow-up on the G5 once the build completes and I write a quick function to ensure the functionality of the library.


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