gcc42 fails to build

Boey Maun Suang boeyms at macports.org
Fri Jun 8 05:02:25 PDT 2007

Hi Christoph,

> I deactivated binutils and, yes, gcc42 built just fine.


> I already have an open ticket; I will add this information and also  
> add the
> CCs. (It would be nice if onthe form there were an indication along  
> the Cc:
> field like "put the maintainer and yourself in here". Of course, it  
> would be
> even better if track did that automatically, but let's stick to humble
> wishes. :-) )

Sorry that I missed your ticket.  It turns out that the installed  
version of Trac _can_ automatically notify the reporter and assignee  
[1], and the MacOSforge admins have been contacted about this, but  
they are yet to enable it.  Here's hoping :-)

Kind regards,

Maun Suang

[1] http://trac.macosforge.org/projects/macports/wiki/ 

Boey Maun Suang (Boey is my surname)
Email: boeyms at macports dot org

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