interspersed and cut off

markd at markd at
Mon Jun 11 09:27:26 PDT 2007

Hi Pete,

There are some problems with the user messages in the  php5 port.  It
occurrs when you specify neither the apache nor the apache2 variant.  This
is a perfectly legitimate use of php, but did you intend to install it
without Apache support?

I attached a patch to the php5 port for the maintainer to evaluate that I
think straightens out the messages.  If you did intend to install Apache
support, you must reinstall the port and specify a variant.  Either
+apache or +apache2.  And until the user message fixes get applied to the
port, here are instructions you may use:


Pete Gontier <pete at> on Monday, June 11, 2007 at 8:57 AM -0800
>I've just installed PHP5 on a Panther box. At the end of the progress
>messages, I see:
>--->  Installing php5 5.2.3_0+darwin_7+macosx
>If this is your first install, you might want
>--->  Activating php5 5.2.3_0+darwin_7+macosx
>--->  Cleaning php5
>This is not a misquote; it really does look interspersed and cut off like
>that. I can probably grep for "If this is your first install, you might
>want" and find the rest of the text, though I have not yet tried that. I
>suppose it might be relevant that I got this in interactive mode. I'm
>going to file a bug report, but in the meantime, can anybody offer any
>better hints as to how to proceed?
>— Pete Gontier <[

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