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Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Jun 11 22:33:38 PDT 2007

On Jun 11, 2007, at 22:47, Pete Gontier wrote:

> On Jun 11, 2007, at 6:05 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>>> I ended up with "+apache" and second-guessing the instructions  
>>> emitted to work with the Apache that was already on Panther, and  
>>> this seems to have gone swimmingly. Having achieved comfort with  
>>> variants, I threw in some more: "+mysql5 +sqlite +pear". We'll  
>>> see what I get out of "+mysql5" in a few hundred years when my  
>>> glacial development server finishes building all that I've thrown  
>>> at it. I suspect I probably should have built mysql5 with its own  
>>> set of variants (I would have thought "server" was implicit but  
>>> it appears not to be), but maybe it will all work out. Good thing  
>>> I am not in a hurry or I'd have to actually know what I am doing  
>>> before trying it. :-)
>> Yes, if you want to run a MySQL 5 server, you will need to  
>> uninstall the mysql5 port that just got installed (sudo port -f  
>> uninstall mysql5), and then install it with +server (sudo port  
>> install mysql5 +server). And this will again take a long time.  
>> Sorry...
> No need for apologies. This project is really well-put-together.  
> The fact that I don't know how to use it well yet, and the fact  
> that I am running it on a foolishly slow system, are hardly your  
> problems. If I had any complaint it might be that I could have used  
> some documentary detail on the variants. Right now, I'm scratching  
> my head trying to figure out what good MySQL is without it being a  
> server. Maybe that's what I want and I just don't understand  
> exactly what "+server" implies. I'm probably going to install  
> phpMySQL and see if I can get all these packages talking to each  
> other on the same system, and if so then skipping "+server" was the  
> right thing to do. And yes of course I understand that when someone  
> whines about documentation then the thing to do is ask them to  
> contribute some. Consider me asked. :-) I will if I can.

If you want to use PHP to communicate with a MySQL server running on  
another machine, then you only need to install the plain port  
"mysql5". However, if you want to run a MySQL server on the machine  
on which you're installing the port, then you need "mysql5 +server".  
It seems like it would be a good idea to separate this into a  
separate "mysql5-server" port, so that if you forget to install  
mysql5 +server, you could just follow it up by installing mysql5- 
server, instead of having to rebuild all of mysql5 just to get the  
startup script. See the ports postgresql82 and postgresql82-server.  
James, what do you think?

Documentation is sadly also in a sorry state -- nonexistent. It got  
left behind in the transition from "DarwinPorts" to "MacPorts." The  
docs are still in the repository, but out of date, and not on the web  
site anywhere.

The phpmyadmin port is also a bit out of date --; should be  
updated to 2.10.1. I contemplated updating it but haven't gotten to  
it yet. Haven't done much web development lately, so haven't needed it.

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