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Pete Gontier pete at
Mon Jun 11 20:47:07 PDT 2007

On Jun 11, 2007, at 6:05 PM, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

>> I ended up with "+apache" and second-guessing the instructions  
>> emitted to work with the Apache that was already on Panther, and  
>> this seems to have gone swimmingly. Having achieved comfort with  
>> variants, I threw in some more: "+mysql5 +sqlite +pear". We'll see  
>> what I get out of "+mysql5" in a few hundred years when my glacial  
>> development server finishes building all that I've thrown at it. I  
>> suspect I probably should have built mysql5 with its own set of  
>> variants (I would have thought "server" was implicit but it  
>> appears not to be), but maybe it will all work out. Good thing I  
>> am not in a hurry or I'd have to actually know what I am doing  
>> before trying it. :-)
> Yes, if you want to run a MySQL 5 server, you will need to  
> uninstall the mysql5 port that just got installed (sudo port -f  
> uninstall mysql5), and then install it with +server (sudo port  
> install mysql5 +server). And this will again take a long time.  
> Sorry...

No need for apologies. This project is really well-put-together. The  
fact that I don't know how to use it well yet, and the fact that I am  
running it on a foolishly slow system, are hardly your problems. If I  
had any complaint it might be that I could have used some documentary  
detail on the variants. Right now, I'm scratching my head trying to  
figure out what good MySQL is without it being a server. Maybe that's  
what I want and I just don't understand exactly what "+server"  
implies. I'm probably going to install phpMySQL and see if I can get  
all these packages talking to each other on the same system, and if  
so then skipping "+server" was the right thing to do. And yes of  
course I understand that when someone whines about documentation then  
the thing to do is ask them to contribute some. Consider me  
asked. :-) I will if I can.

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