zenity: what's taking so long?

Boey Maun Suang boeyms at macports.org
Tue Jun 12 21:37:17 PDT 2007

On 13/06/2007, at 13:00, paul beard wrote:

>>  docbook-xml, docbook-xsl, libxml2, libxslt, and their dependents  
>> scrollkeeper and gnome-doc-utils
> would it make sense to set these as dependencies in the Portfile,  
> assuming this works?

I'm not sure; it's a question of whether zenity genuinely depends  
only on whatever gnome-doc-utils provides, however that may change,  
or whether it also depends on specific versions of scrollkeeper,  
docbook-xsl, or whatever.  If the latter is the case, there's not  
much work in making the requisite changes, but if the former is the  
case, we should keep the others out to keep the dependency listing  
simple, and moreover accurate.

> And what's the mechanism for accessing the online entities? I  
> realize this is outside the scope of MacPorts but it seems it could  
> be more robust.

I don't know how xsltproc(1) and the like try to access URLs, but the  
way the docbook-xml-* ports work is to install local copies, then add  
entries to a local XML catalog that XML parsers read to handle the  
remapping from the canonical online URL to the local copy, so that  
(among other things) there's no need to access the online URLs and  
things still work if the network is unavailable.  Until the recent  
revision to the libxml2 port, it and any libxslt built against it  
defaulted to looking for the XML catalog in /etc/xml/catalog rather  
than ${prefix}/etc/xml/catalog, so setting XML_CATALOG_FILES was  
necessary to override this.

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