docbook-xml fails to build

Kastus Shchuka macports at
Sat Jun 16 00:18:17 PDT 2007


I have installed gnucash using macports couple weeks ago. Recently,  
when I was upgrading ports, docbook-xml and docbook-xml-scrollkeeper  
failed to upgrade. To make long story short, I forcefully uninstalled  
scrollkeeper, docbook-xml and docbook-xml-scrollkeeper after failing  
to upgrade docbook-xml. Now when I try to install docbook-xml (just  
by itself or as a scrollkeeper dependency) I am stuck at the same error:

--->  Packaging tgz archive for docbook-xml-4.3 4.3_0
DEBUG: Executing (docbook-xml-4.3)
Error: Target returned: error copying "/opt/local/ 
xml-4.3.state" to "/opt/local/var/db/dports/build/ 
orts_textproc_docbook-xml-4.3/work/destroot/+STATE": no such file or  
Warning: the following items did not execute (for docbook-xml-4.3):
Error: The following dependencies failed to build: docbook-xml  
docbook-xml-4.3 docbook-xml-4.4 docbook-xml-4.5

What am I doing wrong? or am I hitting some known bug?
I did clean with "port clean --all docbook-xml" before running  
install. Are there any other files I need to delete before running  
port install?

Thanks, -Kastus

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