meta ports (was: a whole of palaver about MySQL)

paul beard paulbeard at
Mon Jun 25 18:12:51 PDT 2007

> "gnome" doesn't install any software;

so when I type "port install gnome" nothing happens? Not how I remember it

I think we're talking past each other or caught on some semantic nuance. My
position is that it should be simpler to install inter-related components,
as a single bundled meta-port, if that's what the user wants. For the life
of me, I can't imagine installing MySQL without wanting the startup
components installed. But be that as it may, I think there are ways to
accommodate everyone.

If I request that the ports system install the meta-port "amp"
(apache/mysql/php), that port depends on apache with the php DSO, mysql
server with the client libraries, and php with its hooks to connect to
MySQL. I don't think anyone can argue that not being able to do this has
caused a lot more traffic on this list than necessary.

This is probably a topic for the dev list: perhaps jberry@ can take it over
there and see what anyone thinks of it.

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