mplayer revision try3

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Fri Jun 29 05:17:29 PDT 2007

Citando Boey Maun Suang :
>  Hi Emmanuel,
> > 	Yesterday, port -v outdated informed me that there was a "new"
> > version of MPlayer available:
> >
> > Mplayer	1.0rc1_4 > 1.0rc1_try3 !
>  The revision field in Portfiles is only supposed to be used for updates or 
>  fixes to the Portfile that don't involve upstream changes, and furthermore 
>  is only intended to contain positive integer values.  In this case, the 
>  Portfile should have been altered from:
>  version		1.0rc1
>  revision	4
>  to:
>  version		1.0rc1try3
>  (i.e. the revision number should have been removed; it should default to 0).
>  Eric, would you be able to make this change?  I don't think that it will 
>  muck up the revisioning, since the version comparison algorithm used in 
>  MacPorts will report 1.0rc1 < 1.0rc1try3.  I suspect that Emmanuel had to 
>  force MacPorts to upgrade Mplayer in the first instance, as his output 
>  indicates that MacPorts thought on the basis of the strings that the 
>  installed version is newer than the "updated" version, so not many users 
>  will have installed the current version in the tree (including myself :P ).

Yes, I use -v when I do port outdated (this way I can check if some
updates to portfiles have been committed, and also remind me to put a
ticket if I have not yet). However I did not "force" upgrade but
installed manually as the variants have changed (+freetype and +fontconfig
have disappeared in favor of +osd).

> > But port outdated has a really strange output:
> >
> > The following installed ports are outdated:
> > MPlayer                        1.0rc1_ < 1.0rc1_try3
>  Though I haven't checked the code, I suspect that problem is that the code 
>  that records values into the registry borked when told to store a 
>  non-numerical value into the revision field, and stored a null value 
>  instead; "port outdated" then checks the epoch (equal, both 0), version 
>  (equal, both 1.0rc1), and then revision (installed NULL < newest "try3", as 
>  NULL will evaluate to less that the character "t").  If you could create 
>  another ticket describing this and suggesting that the code check for the 
>  values being set in revision (in portindex.tcl and/or in the registry code), 
>  that would be great (I'm having trouble logging into Trac at present).

Ticket on trac: I don't know
which milestone I should have put (Needs developper review, MP1.4 or
MP1.5) so I put none.

> > PS: * the upgrade did not go perfectly, I had to change the Portfile to
> > revert the dependency on lzo instead of lzo2. I will put a ticket on
> > track.
>  Not sure about this one.  Eric, I suppose it's over to you!

It is almost resolved: . It is more or
less my bad for not deinstalling lzo after installing lzo2.


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