rolling my own php 5.2.3 with macports gd2 fails

Randall Perry listsub at
Sat Jun 30 19:02:02 PDT 2007

paul beard wrote:
>     I'm asking for help with gd, which is a macport package. I already ask
>     on php-install list -- someone there suggested there might be missing
>     headers for gd.
> Well, as noted in the thread from last week it looked a gd problem, 
> then freetype, before it finally was resolved as kerberos/heimdal. If 
> you really want help, it might be a good idea to provide some debug 
> information other than where configure bails out. But if MacPorts says 
> that gd2 is installed and the other ports that have dependencies on it 
> work, you might be barking up the wrong tree. 
Actually, it was make that failed -- config went through fine. I 
included the make errors in a previous post.

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