rolling my own php 5.2.3 with macports gd2 fails

paul beard paulbeard at
Sat Jun 30 19:09:44 PDT 2007

On 6/30/07, Randall Perry <listsub at> wrote:
> Generally, if I can build something myself, I will. I like to have
> complete control (and I can upgrade when I want, rather than waiting for
> the latest port to come out). When I run into problems that take too
> much time then I'll go with a macports or fink build.
If that's all that holds it up, just change the relevant parts (the distfile
info) and build it: if it works, you can contribute the diff as a patch.
That way, you get what you want and the php maintainer gets a little help.
I don't think of MacPorts as a way to stay on the bleeding edge of things,
so your mileage will likely vary.
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