newbe install question

Christian Voelker C.Voelker at
Thu Mar 1 02:13:32 PST 2007


Am 01.03.2007 um 00:23 schrieb Kim Young:

> I turned my firewall completely off and tried selfupdate again.

The local firewall on your mac does not block rsync.
My first guess was, that there is a firewall running
on your router or whatever you use to connect to the
net. Please dont forget to turn on your local fire-
wall again.

> This is what I got:
> Shegundala:~ kimyoung$ port selfupdate
> Error: /opt/local/bin/port: selfupdate failed: Couldn't sync dports  
> tree: sync failed doing rsync
> Shegundala:~ kimyoung$
> Any thing else I should try?

First, try to run it verbose or better even in debug
mode (port -d selfupdate) and post so output to the
list. Also, if selfupdatze does not work because of
rsync not working, sync should not work either. And
that is an issue, that would worry me much more.
Try the same with sync: port -d sync and send the
output to the list.

Then, tell us more about your setup: Machine type,
OS Version, Developer Tools Version, macports version.

If everything is set up properly and your are really
living in an environment where you can not depend on
standard procedures as expected by the ports system,
then the next step would be, to check for other means
of synchronizing your sources/ports tree. This could
probably be done by subversion or one of its derived
tools. I have not read the docs whether the program-
mers of macports already took care to include such an
option. This would be your job then.

Bye, Christian

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