invalid command name "delete"

Kevin Ballard eridius at
Thu Mar 1 19:10:23 PST 2007

Odd. Delete is indeed a command, defined in portutil.tcl. It was  
recently re-implemented for the imminent MacPorts 1.4, but it existed  
prior to that.

Try doing a `sudo port selfupdate`. See if perhaps you're not at the  
latest release.

On Mar 1, 2007, at 7:06 PM, Jason Jones wrote:

> Error: Target returned: invalid
> command name "delete"
> I'm a first time user on a new system. I installed X11
> and Xcode and updated them from apple.
> Running on a new MacBook x86 system w/ 2GB memory.
> Any idea what I am missing?
> When I do "which delete" it doesn't come up with
> anything. In fact, there is no file on my system
> called "delete" in the areas that a user has
> Permission to search.
> My guess is "delete" is a Tkl command and I am missing
> some Tkl.

Kevin Ballard
eridius at

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