Universal builds?

Paul Guyot pguyot at kallisys.net
Mon Mar 5 16:48:52 PST 2007

On 6 mars 07, at 09:20, Holger Rapp wrote:

> Hi,
> since i have not found a forum/FAQ entry or something similar on  
> the (miniscule) homepage, i post my question on the user list,  
> hopefully someone can help me here.
> I have a Macbook and i'm trying to get my ports stuff installed  
> universal for cross compiling (or rather building fat binaries for  
> other systems, so i need universal libs). But darwinport seems to  
> be mocking at me:
> $ port variants libsdl_gfx-framework
> libsdl_gfx-framework has the variants:
>         universal
>         darwin_8
>         darwin_6
> $ sudo port uninstall libsdl_gfx-framework
> --->  Deactivating libsdl_gfx-framework 2.0.13_0+darwin_8
> --->  Uninstalling libsdl_gfx-framework 2.0.13_0+darwin_8
> localhost:/opt/local/etc/ports sirver$ sudo port install libsdl_gfx- 
> framework +universal
> --->  Fetching libsdl_gfx-framework
> --->  Verifying checksum(s) for libsdl_gfx-framework
> --->  Extracting libsdl_gfx-framework
> --->  Configuring libsdl_gfx-framework
> --->  Building libsdl_gfx-framework with target -buildstyle  
> Deployment -target SDL_gfx
> --->  Staging libsdl_gfx-framework into destroot
> --->  Installing libsdl_gfx-framework 2.0.13_0+darwin_8
> --->  Activating libsdl_gfx-framework 2.0.13_0+darwin_8
> --->  Cleaning libsdl_gfx-framework
> hu? why wasn't the universal variant build and installed, rather  
> the darwin_8? I couldn't find any documentation, i'd really like to  
> know what i'm doing wrong?
> (this happens with all ports btw, not just this random example picked)

Universal building is an experimental feature that has been the  
subject of heated discussion here and might or might not be included  
in future releases. It is currently only available in the trunk  
(development) branch of MacPorts.

The reason why you can see it when you run port variants is that  
"port variants" refers to the PortIndex file which is generated  
automatically on a system equipped with the trunk (development)  
branch of MacPorts and therefore which knows about universal builds,  
while your installation does not know about them and simply ignores  
this option.


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