Is GnuPlot linked to gd 2.0.29 or newer?

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Mar 5 22:26:05 PST 2007

On Mar 5, 2007, at 17:31, Ryan Matthew Balfanz wrote:

> I would like to plot directly to an animated gif in gnuplot.
> From the FAQ:
> gnuplot needs to be linked to gd 2.0.29 or newer to do so
> I have no idea how to check this other than gnuplot -V which  
> doesn't help

Hi Ryan. According to "port info gnuplot", the gnuplot port requires  
the gd2 port. And according to "port info gd2", the gd2 port is  
currently at 2.0.33. (I'll update it to 2.0.34 shortly.) So you  
should be fine.

More generally, you can use "otool -L" to determine what libraries  
another library or program is linked with; this is similar to the  
"ldd" command on Linux. Although the gnuplot port says it requires  
the gd2 port, that's no guarantee that the gnuplot binary actually  
uses the MacPorts gd2 library (though that's what it should mean). To  
verify that this is in fact the case, use otool -L. I don't use  
gnuplot so I don't know what its binary is called, but on the  
assumption that it's called "gnuplot" and is in the usual /opt/local/ 
bin location, you would run

otool -L /opt/local/bin/gnuplot

and see if something starting with /opt/local/lib/libgd is listed. If  
it is, you're fine. (And if it doesn't, then that's a bug that you  
should report to us.)

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