How to specify versions of ports?

Christian Voelker C.Voelker at
Wed Mar 7 07:49:16 PST 2007


Am 07.03.2007 um 16:40 schrieb Max Brown:

> I can see that I have several packages of ghc, including the one that
> I want 6.6_2
> $ ls ghc*
> ghc-6.6_0+darwin_8_powerpc.powerpc.tgz
> ghc-6.6_2+darwin_8_powerpc.powerpc.tgz
> ghc-6.6_1+darwin_8_powerpc.powerpc.tgz
> I want to install it:
> $ sudo port install -b ghc @6.6_2

sudo port install ghc at 6.6_2
sudo port install ghc at 6.6_2+darwin_8

Dont know what -b stands for and I dont think it is
necessary. Leaving out the space between the port
and the version is a must. Specifying it completely
might be required as well (this is the second line).

Bye, Christian

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