How to specify versions of ports?

Max Brown max.e.brown at
Wed Mar 7 08:08:14 PST 2007

Hi Christian,

Thanks for that tip.

> Leaving out the space between the port
> and the version is a must. Specifying it completely
> might be required as well (this is the second line).

I tried the following:
$ sudo port -v install ghc at 6.6_2+darwin_8
--->  Fetching ghc
--->  Verifying checksum(s) for ghc
--->  Checksumming ghc-6.6-src.tar.bz2
--->  Checksumming ghc-6.6-src-extralibs.tar.bz2
--->  Checksumming ghc-6.4-darwin-bootstrap-tiger.tar.bz2
--->  Extracting ghc
--->  Extracting ghc-6.6-src.tar.bz2
--->  Extracting ghc-6.6-src-extralibs.tar.bz2
--->  Extracting ghc-6.4-darwin-bootstrap-tiger.tar.bz2
--->  Applying patches to ghc
--->  Applying /opt/local/var/db/dports/sources/rsync.rsync.darwinports.org_dpupdate_dports/lang/ghc/files/
patching file
[...configure and compile output...]

To me this doesn't look like it is installing the package from the
binary archive that I already have - or thought I had. For whatever
reason, "port install" seems to be set on compiling ghc 6.6_3,
regardless of what version I specify. That is kind of annoying,
because the build fails, and I am now without ghc. What do I need to
do to get the old version back?

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