py-gnome breaks ports that depend on it (was Re: gramps and python issues)

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Wed Mar 7 22:22:54 PST 2007

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On Mar 7, 2007, at 10:18 PM, Richard Taylor wrote:

> The problem here is the "Bus error". It is not a gramps issue. I  
> believe that
> the "Bus error" is caused by a problem with gtk2/pygtk2 not gramps.
Yeah, I figured that out. Frustrating that no other port uses py- 
gnome or py-gtk2 in such a way as to make this more widely-known.

> Try just running python from the command line and 'import gnome/ 
> import gtk' I
> think that you will find that you get the same 'Bus error'.
I'm not that clever but I was able to provoke a bus error and capture  
the results with ktrace.

> There is an issue with the configure scripts not working quite  
> right on OS X,
> a work around is described on the gramps wiki. But this work around  
> will not
> solve the problem that the version of gtk/pygtk is broken in macports.

I have passed this on to the gramps developers, in the event they  
have any advice, though I know it isn't the result of anything  
they're doing.
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