sudo port selfupdate (was Re:

Daniel Hulsteijn daniel at
Mon Mar 12 01:36:27 PDT 2007


Been having that textlib problem when executing sudo port selfupdate,  
with the help of Eridius on #macports (freenode) I've come up with  
the following solution.

The problem is in the Aqua Tcl/Tk install, it removes the link to the  
apple provided tclsh file in /usr/bin.

First remove the Aqua tcl/tk package.
In a terminal cd to /Volumes/TclTkAqua-packageyouinstalled/
then execute the remove command:
$ ./*Uninstall.command
You need root privileges to do so.

The evil tcl/tk is now gone.
Then create a symlink to the right tclsh file. It's possible that the  
tclsh8.4.7 is just called tclsh8.4 change the command accordingly.
$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/tclsh8.4.7 /usr/bin/tclsh

Now you can reconfigure and compile the source again.

Greets kevor.

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