MAMP installation fails over libxml on MacBook

Elise van Looij evlooij at
Wed Mar 14 06:00:52 PDT 2007

Op 12-mrt-2007, om 21:52 heeft Ryan Schmidt het volgende geschreven:
>> Warning: the following items did not execute (for php5):  
>> Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.
> Not sure why it did that, but your instinct was a good one: perhaps  
> this was because your libxml2 was old and buggy and a new version  
> would fix it.

Perhaps, but on a new MacBook, fresh out of the factory?

> As "port installed" will show, libxml2 is already installed,  
> therefore you get an error when you try to install it again. You  
> needed to have either uninstalled (or at least deactivated) libxml2  
> first ("port uninstall libxml2", or "port deactivate libxml2"), or  
> what you probably meant to do is just upgrade libxml2 ("port -u  
> upgrade libxml2" -- the -u flag tells port to uninstall the old  
> version of the port right before it installs the new version; if  
> you don't use -u, it will just deactivate the old version but keep  
> it installed so you can activate it again later if you want).

Port installed! I'd forgotten all about that, but the results were a  
bit strange:

apache2 @2.2.2_1
   apache2 @2.2.3_0 (active)
   apr @1.2.7_0 (active)
   apr-util @1.2.7_0
   apr-util @1.2.7_1 (active)
   cclient @2004g_0 (active)
   curl @7.15.5_0+darwin_8 (active)
   DarwinPortsStartup @1.1_0 (active)
   db4 @4.3.29_0+darwin_8 (active)
   db44 @4.4.20_0+darwin_8 (active)
   expat @2.0.0_1 (active)
   freetype @2.1.10_1 (active)
   gettext @0.14.6_0
   gettext @0.15_0 (active)
   jpeg @6b_1 (active)
   libiconv @1.10_1+darwin_8
   libiconv @1.11_0+darwin_8 (active)
   libmcrypt @2.5.7_2+darwin_8 (active)
   libpng @1.2.10_2+darwin_8 (active)
   libtool @1.5.22_0 (active)
   libxml2 @2.6.23_0 (active)
   libxml2 @2.6.27_0
   libxslt @1.1.15_0 (active)
   mhash @0.9.2_0+darwin_8 (active)
   mysql5 @5.0.24_0+darwin_8+server
   mysql5 @5.0.27_0+darwin_8+server (active)
   neon @0.25.5_0
   neon @0.26.2_0 (active)
   openssl @0.9.8b_0+darwin_8
   openssl @0.9.8d_0+darwin_8 (active)
   pcre @6.6_0
   pcre @6.7_0 (active)
   php4 @4.4.4_2+apache2+darwin_8+macosx+mysql5
   php5 @5.1.5_1+apache2+darwin_8+macosx+mysql5
   php5 @5.2.0_0+apache2+darwin_8+macosx+mysql5 (active)
   popt @1.10.4_1
   popt @1.10.4_2 (active)
   rsync @2.6.8_0+darwin_8 (active)
   subversion @1.3.2_0
   subversion @1.4.0_0+mod_dav_svn
   subversion @1.4.2_0+mod_dav_svn (active)
   tidy @20051025_0+darwin_8 (active)
   tiff @3.8.2_0+darwin_8 (active)
   wget @1.10.2_0+darwin_8 (active)
   zlib @1.2.3_0 (active)

In short, I seem to have duplicates of almost everything. I have now  
have two httpd.conf, one at /opt/local/apache2/conf, which has all  
the right lines for php5 and subversion, and one at /opt/local/var/db/ 
(sic!), which does not have the right lines. And sure enough, when I  
try to test my php, it does not compile but simply shows the source  
code. Should I uninstall the old versions?

Elise van Looij

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