Fwd: error on port selfupdate [solved ?]

Elise van Looij evlooij at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 14 07:55:07 PDT 2007

Op 14-mrt-2007, om 15:26 heeft Marco Battistella het volgende  
not finding any other way to fix the problem i decided to start from  
scratch, i reformatted the drive and made a new fresh installation of  
the OS and then of darwinPorts.
When the time came to install xtools I noticed that had a few  
different discs, in particular one labeled as xtools 1.0 and another  
as xtools 1.2 (coming form different sets of OS X). During my  
previous install i must have used the 1.0 disc as I remember it  
downloading the 1.1 update form software updates but it never  
(explicitly) updated to 1.2.
Could this be the issue I was having?
Unfortunately i was not able to find anything about this in the apple  
developer website.
I someone else encounter the same problem that might be something to  
look into.
take care,

The latest version of xtools is only availiable from ADC, the Apple  
Developer Connection at
You can get a free membership that gives you access to downloads,  
documentation etc. The installation disks for 10.4.8 that came with  
my new MacBook no longer offer the developers tools, only X11. See  
also the wiki article:

Elise van Looij

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