Portfile whitespace issues

Yves de Champlain yves at macports.org
Wed Mar 14 16:53:23 PDT 2007

Le 07-03-14 à 19:19, Kevin Ballard a écrit :

> Pretty much every single new portfile submission I look at appears  
> to have been made with hard tabs set at 8 width. However, I (and  
> many others) use 4-width tabs, so these portfiles look very ugly in  
> our editors.
> I would ask that all new Portfile submissions be done with 4-space  
> soft tabs instead. Using spaces means all editors will present the  
> Portfile the same way. Every single modern editor (including emacs  
> and vim) has the capability of doing 4-space soft tabs, so please  
> use it.

While it is not a bad idea to write it on the list, it should be  
included in some Portfile guide.  Maybe not too far from the svn  
properties ...


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