Wanted to take over maintenance of "fox" port...

Mark Duling mark.duling at biola.edu
Thu Mar 15 22:43:46 PDT 2007

"Lyle Johnson" <lyle.johnson at gmail.com> on Thursday, March 15, 2007 at
9:04 AM -0800 wrote:
>I'm interested in taking over maintenance of the "fox" port (which
>appears to have been abandoned). Since I'm new to this, I wanted to
>confirm that no one else is already working on it. I also wanted to
>confirm that the procedure for submitting a new or updated port is to
>submit a Trac ticket for it, and then notify the commiter(s) about it.
>Thanks in advance for, um, confirmation of these questions. ;)

It has no maintainer so it is fair game to take over maintainership and/or
contribure patches.  Use a trac ticket and attach the updates as a patch
to the portfile, and patches to the app (if any) as complete files. 
Mention you'd like to takeover as maintainer.  Ping the list if no one
notices it for awhile.


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