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Matthieu Dubois Matthieu.Dubois at
Fri Mar 16 06:34:19 PDT 2007

Dear Macports Users,

I am newbie to macports and even to the terminal. I needed gtk2 for  
compatibility with RGtk2 (a R stat software package). I thus  
installed mac ports (from binary), and  port install gtk2 without any  
problem. However, when trying to to install the R package (within R,  
of course), no GTK was detected (and installation failed). Checking  
the path in my ~/.profile gives:

export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:$PATH

Thus, my --certainly-- basic question: what's wrong ? How  can I  
check that gtk2 was correctly installed (port installed indicates  
gtk2 was installed) and accessible ?

Thanks a lot,

Matthieu Dubois

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