jpeg (?) troubles (flphoto, eog)

Stefan Bruda bruda at
Sat Mar 17 08:57:09 PDT 2007


I am having what I believe to be problems with the jpeg package.  They
manifest themselves most notably in FLTK applications (only one realy,
flPhoto) but I also believe that they are the cause of eog crashes.

It goes like this: fltk builds fine as is, but fluid crashes upon
startup and so does flphoto (probably other fltk applications too, but
I have not tried anything else).  I then built fltk with
--disable-shared and I thus get both fluid and flphoto to run.
flphoto however dies with

   JPEG parameter struct mismatch: library thinks size is 356, caller
   expects 372

the moment it tries to write a JPEG image (reading seems fine).
Reading EXIF data from JPEG photos results in bus errors (are these
the segfaults of BSD, bu the way?).

Googling this resulted in the most encountered conclusion that the
jpeg headers and binaries come from two different versions, or that
integer size or allignment are different from one binary to another.
I tried playing around with -malign-double (in both fltk and flphoto).
The mismatch values change (library thinks size is 360, caller expects
376) but they are off by the same amount.  I thus conclude that the
first cause (mismatching between headers and binaries in the jpeg
package) are the culprit.  Problem is, I am not aware of any duplicate
installation.  Actually I have only two jpeglib.h, one from MacPorts
and another from a Gentoo prefixed installation (whose paths are I
believe not included anywhere).  Same goes for libjpeg.dylib.

In possibly incidental matter, eog crashes upon startup, I have no
idea how to dig for the cause (is there any way to build programs with
debugging on short of hacking each and every port?).  It might be
unrelated, but I would really appreciate any hint about this how
unrelated this might be.

Interestingly enough the Gimp runs just fine...

For the moment I hacked flphoto and I replaced all its attempts to
write JPEGS with calls to Imagemagick utilities (they work fine too),
and I simply suppressed everything that deals with EXIF data.  In all,
I am reasonably happy as far as flphoto is concerned.  However, I miss
eog and I would generaly take a good solution instead of my hack at
any time of day.

I am running Mac OS 10.4.9 (all of this happened in 10.4.8 too) and
MacPOrts 1.32 on a Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro.  I am good at hacking but I
am just beginning to get hold of MacPorts (I come however from Gentoo
Linux so I am reasonably comfortable with the idea).  So any advice,
however technical, is appreciated.  I am not sure what other
information to include so please ask for anything that I missed here.

Thanks in advance,

If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as
it isn't, it ain't.  That's logic.
    --Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

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