MAMP installation fails over libxml on MacBook SOLVED

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Mar 17 18:53:42 PDT 2007

On Mar 17, 2007, at 13:33, Randall Wood wrote:

> On 17 Mar 2007, at 09:22, Elise van Looij wrote:
>> After struggling for a few days and getting nowhere, I decided to  
>> make a fresh start. When I got my MacBook I took advantage of a  
>> very handy OSX feature, namely the offer to hook it up via  
>> firewire to my old iBook and have everything automatically copied.  
>> This worked great, within three hours all my user info, documents,  
>> programs, bookmarks etc. had been transferred to the new laptop  
>> and I could practically continue where I left off, except for my  
>> MAMP installation. I don't know whether it was the copying process  
>> itself or my decision to install MacPorts all over again, but  
>> anyway everything I did seemed to result in error messages noone  
>> else was getting.
>> Fed up with everything I located the /opt folder (it was not  
>> visible in te Finder until I used Spotlight to find it) and threw  
>> the whole shebang in the wastebasked, restarted the machine, made  
>> sure personal webserver was shut down in System Preference, and  
>> reinstalled MacPorts, Apache, MySQL, Subversion and PHP. This time  
>> everything went off without a single error message. I'm not up and  
>> running yet (for some reason the httpd.conf is not yet configured  
>> right), but at least this whole libxml2 nonsense is over.
> Your /opt folder probably got copied and then something died  
> because your processor architecture had changed.

I just migrated from PPC to i386 yesterday. The port command wouldn't  
even run for me; complained about architecture mismatches in the  
pextlib, I believe. Certainly, everything installed with port was  
compiled for PPC, thus would run slowly on Intel, so it would be  
beneficial to recompile everything anyway. Was just surprised that  
port would not run through Rosetta. (Other installed ports, like svn,  
worked fine through Rosetta.) Currently reinstalling everything for  

Uninstall instructions for MacPorts, FYI, are in the FAQ: 

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