Pierre Queinnec pmq at
Mon Mar 19 06:24:00 PDT 2007


I've been planning to update ion3 for quite some time. However, due to a 
severe lack of time and the problems getting the newer version to 
compile, I couldn't get to it. If you happen to have a patch, I'll 
gladly review/accept it.

Thank you for showing your interest, at least now I know there's someone 
out there waiting for an update ;)

Best regards,
-- Pierre

Joerg van den Hoff wrote:
> hello,
> first, a big thank you for making `ion3' available via macports, which is a
> really excellent (and still rather unusual) window manager (not finding this
> package at all in `fink' brought me to `macports' in the first place...).
> unfortenuately, the `ion3' version available via macports is rather old.
> I therefore recently tried (unsuccessfully) to compile a newer release of ion3 myself.
> I gave up after some time due to unclear conflicts which I did not manage to
> resolve.
> my question: is their a chance that `ion3' will be updated on macports to a 
> more recent version? this would be great.
> best regards,
> joerg
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