php5 +apache2 +mysql5 does not behave as expected SOLVED

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Mar 22 16:36:01 PDT 2007

On Mar 22, 2007, at 14:36, Daniel J. Luke wrote:

>>> Have you tested this recently?
>>> I think it may have broken sometime semi-recently (as a bunch of
>>> people have reported to me that they had to install apr-util with  
>>> the
>>> +no_bdb variant even though they should have been able to just
>>> install subversion with +no_bdb and had it pass the variant on ...)
>> Yes it works for me, but I'm still on MP 1.3.2.  Do you think it is
>> failing on 1.4?
> I'm not sure, I'll have to do some testing (I haven't been asking  
> people who've reported the problem if they're running the pre- 
> release version, which in retrospect is kind of dumb of me).

When I reported the problem with Subversion, I was running MacPorts  
1.3.2. The problem was that "sudo port install subversion +no_bdb"  
would still download db44, because db44 is a dependency of apr-util,  
and apr-util is a dependency of subversion. It would install db44,  
and apr-util +no_bdb, and subversion +no_bdb. When all was done, I  
could "sudo port uninstall db44". But I never wanted db44 to be  
downloaded and installed in the first place.

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