ESD loads the system on idle

Stefan Bruda bruda at
Sat Mar 24 16:59:14 PDT 2007


At 18:40 -0500 on 2007-3-24 Ryan Schmidt wrote:
 > On Mar 24, 2007, at 09:22, Stefan Bruda wrote:
 > > The following problem started to pop up recently, though I am not sure
 > > what I did (probably upgraded the outdated packages including some
 > > GNOME ones): ESD launches fine, plays the sounds fine, but during idle
 > > moments it doesn't just sit there, but sits there loading the system
 > > (to 99% or thereabouts).  Interestingly enough, the load goes down
 > > when ESD actually play sounds, the load is high only when idle.
 > >
 > > Is there any known cause of this, or any way of debugging the matter
 > > further.
 > I wouldn't think that would have anything to do with MacPorts. You  
 > may want to ask the developers of EDS.

It's ESD actually, and I was using GNOME terminology; the actual port
is audio/esound.  It runs happily on all the Linux boxes I have around
(plus on this one when I boot Linux on it) so I am not quite sure
whether its an upstream problem.  On the other hand... I just noticed
that I must have upgraded the thing on this box as I have two versions
installed.  Deactivating the newer version and activating the old one
eliminates the problem, so maybe it's an upstream issue after all (I
don't have the old port so I don't know if anything changed in there).

 > I would have checked the EDS portfile to see if it's doing anything  
 > weird, but I can find no port called EDS, so I don't know what port  
 > you're talking about. Then again I don't know anything about Gnome so  
 > maybe this will be self-explanatory to someone who does.

The port does not do anything out of ordinary as far as I can see.  I
will attempt to eliminate the patches maybe this will help since they
alter a timeout value (= a reson for things to behave differently while
waiting for stuff to happen).

In any event, I hereby note that esound @0.2.37_0 exhibits the
mentioned behaviour, while esound @0.2.36_0 does not.

Thanks for the answer,

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