MacPorts roadmap & new milestones

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpp at
Sun Mar 25 00:08:23 PDT 2007

	Evening everyone! Thanks to the kind help provided by Elias Pipping, 
our new project roadmap is up at:

	For those of you who actively use it, the major changes you'll notice 
are that the "Available Ports" milestone has been deleted (tickets 
belonging to it reassigned according to the new guidelines referenced 
below) and four new ones have been added: "Port Bugs", "Port 
Enhancements", "Port Updates" and "Needs developer review". The 
guidelines to use them all will be shortly up at: [1]

	Needless to say, these wont be Godly mandates, but I would still like 
to request that all those of you with Wiki edit privileges wishing to 
give your feedback & input on them run by me any edits you might want 
to make to that document (Elias and I just spent several hours cleaning 
up the old roadmap, so we can tell you that dealing with so many 
tickets gets a bit tiring a bit too quickly, and therefore we would 
like to avoid ambiguous instructions as much as possible!).

	Regards to all and thanks again to Elias!


[1] Out of date with respect to the new layout as of this posting, g'me 
some time to work on the document and bring it up to speed, I'm beat 
right now! I am nevertheless still sending this message *now* (with an 
old document in place) because I fear some might get confused with the 
new and missing milestones and no information what-so-ever on the 

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